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Consider joining the 88% of “best in class” companies that have switched to automated workforce management software. Advance Systems enables users to streamline the management, collection, and processing of time and attendance data, resulting in a more accurate, efficient process compared to unwieldy manual systems.

Workforce Management Software USA Saves Time

If you’re currently gathering time and attendance data by time cards or on spreadsheets, you know it takes a significant portion of administrative time to manually go through stacks of paper each week to determine hours worked, payroll, remaining vacation time, and to ensure that all practices adhere to compliance rules. And no matter how hard your administrative team works, mistakes are made. This results in even more time spent fixing errors.

Advance Systems workforce management software USA reduces the amount of time administration spends tracking and managing data, because it’s done automatically. Users simply log on to the time and attendance system, where they record their time. Data is immediately sent to the system database, and can be viewed by managers, leaders, and administration in real time. Instead of manually going through reams of paper to do payroll, the time and attendance data is imported directly to payroll.

Our workforce management system saves additional time by streamlining the scheduling process. Scheduling functions built into the software enable management to easily balance the labor supply with demand, with just a few clicks of the mouse. Employee self-service functions mean that workers can track their own vacation time and entitlements, and request time off directly through the system, without scheduling time-consuming meetings.

Workforce Management Software Saves Money

A recent study done by Gartner shows organizations that use spreadsheets to calculate sales commissions typically overpay between two and eight percent of the overall incentive compensation payout. Even if you’re a very small company with a $500,000 compensation program, that’s $10,000 you’re losing on the low end! Add in non-commission spreadsheet errors like hourly miscalculations and buddy punching and other time abuses, and you’re spending way more on payroll than you need to!

Advance Systems workforce management system USA saves your organization maximum money by completely eliminating payroll errors that result in overpayments. Our workforce management system also eliminates inaccurate reporting that results from buddy punching, early and late arrivals, and long lunches. Organizations that use workforce management solutions know they are paying for hours worked — and not a minute more.

Our time management system streamlines the scheduling process, unauthorized overtime and hours are minimized. Labor costs are further decreased by reducing absenteeism, monitoring efficiency, and increasing punctuality. Advance Systems products also decreases compliance issues by ensuring that payroll and leave requests adhere to local, state, and federal regulations. This can save organizations a significant amount of money in fines and legal fees.

Increase Productivity

When it comes to your organization’s bottom line, nothing may affect it more than the productivity of your employees. Advance Systems employee management systems increases productivity by monitoring efficiency, decreasing absenteeism, and balancing the labor supply with demand. Scheduling functionality ensures that the right people with the right skills are scheduled at the right time, and quickly and effectively takes care of open shifts.

When shifts are correctly staffed, quality and service improves. Not only does workplace management software ensure employees have a manageable workload, it’s also able to track efficiency, so adjustments can be made if necessary.

Advance Systems workforce management software USA ensures your employees are in the best position to do their jobs, by tracking training and certification information. The system can be configured to send an alert when education, training, or certification of an additional employee is necessary, ensuring that employees are always up to date with their skills.

Finally, Advance Systems workforce management products increases the engagement and motivation of employees, which has a positive impact on productivity. Advance Systems products gives employees control over their own time and attendance, increasing sense of well being by allowing them to manage their own schedules and track their own vacation time.

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